We thought 275 was chaseable. We will have to look at the data.

This was the response of Peter Moores, England cricket coach, as he tried to rationalise England’s early exit from the World Cup after a humiliating defeat to Bangledesh where they failed to chase a score of 275.

Spurred on by the folklore from Moneyball, data is all the rage in cricket. As teams search for the marginal gains to increase their chances of winning. The quote highlights that sometimes it’s not all about data and to a certain extent Enlgand’s exit was characterised by a lack of belief, confidence and failure to apply the basics of cricket. Ask any English fan, it is not about the data the team simply didn’t play well enough.

This story is relevant to organisations. They can get lost in numbers and data. Sometimes it’s the basics you need to focus on. An over reliance on numbers can hide basic failings. It’s about balance and using a combination of intuition and analysis in partnership to make gains.

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