Shifting from process to experience

Creating a great digital experience for your people starts with the way you design your solutions.     Often, changes are focused around policy and processes and this can lead to a lack of engagement with the people who are going to have to interact with it in the real world.    You often compromise adoption for expediency.

The way we design the employee experience needs to change.  At the heart of this is design thinking.   It challenges us to be more inclusive and experimental in how we design solutions.    Design thinking is about engaging your users and exploring several different approaches that are tested over short time frames.    At the heart is a belief that you need to understand factors like their emotions.  Answering questions like what works? What frustrates them?  What would delight them?

Here is a list of practical ideas you can do to improve the way you design solutions:

  • One size doesn’t fit all – divide your employees into segments to create a more targeted proposition for them. For example, the proposition for people in the field and support centres is likely to need to be different.   Use technology to create a base proposition that can then be adapted to target different employee groups
  • Design around journeys and not processes – instead of looking at your processes as a series of isolated transaction focus on understanding what the end to end journey looks like through the eyes of different employees
  • Embrace crowdsourcing – engage your teams and the wider business to identify potential solutions and get feedback on designs
  • Deliver in shorter cycles – instead of implementing large programmes of change look to break improvements into short sprints to accelerate the benefits
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