Creating a progressive technology roadmap

Central to creating a great digital experience for your people is how you use your technology to deliver a progressive agenda of improvements.   The advent of new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers HR teams with an unprecedented opportunity to improve the technology their people use and transform historical issues like the adoption of self-service.   At the heart of this is embracing a shift that an HR system is simply a singular system of record to become a platform of engagement.   This new platform consists of a collection of different apps and solutions operating in an ecosystem that creates a progressive digital employee experience to transform the way people work.

Four things to consider when developing your roadmap:

  1. Focus on the employee life-cycle – against your journeys map all the different system interactions that your employees use and look at opportunities to simplify and transform certain areas
  2. Embrace apps – against high priority areas (eg onboarding, engagement, collaboration) look at opportunities to deploy new functionality through apps either with existing or new suppliers
  3. Data strategy – define where master data sits, where it flows, how it is collected and analysed. This is key for you to create an effective analytics capability
  4. Integrations – look at where you will need manual and automated integrations between systems, decide based on usability, data and cost
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