It’s all about the action


I recently heard this quote from David Walmsley and it reminded me that despite all the interest and hype around big data and analytics, it is nothing unless you follow it up with real action.    It is the action that delivers business outcomes not the data.

Without question the possibilities of big data are enormous and this is sure to continue in the future.   But people often get lost and hoodwinked by technology.  It can be far easier to blame the absence of the right technology or availability of data to avoid adopting good analytical practices.

For sure there is obvious truth that technology and clean data is important but at the end of the day don’t forget the room 101 of analytics: action.    David Walmsley’s quote is a timely reminder that you can make a big difference from just changing your mindset and looking at any data, driving insight and getting stuff done on the back of it.   Don’t worry about not having the latest analytics engine in your organisation or if your master data is in a mess.   Just use what ever you have got, start simple and take action.

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